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Ten Commandments for an upright civil and moral conscience

Clandestines, irregulars, sans papier (undocumented):
How to call them?

"Out with the foreigners" is the slogan that is proclaimed, almost as a battle cry, from some members of the press, in public talks, in bars and even in parliament. The target, it is obvious to see, are the "foreigners" who have come to pollute the purity of our Italian race...
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Renewing Hope, Seeking Justice

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Published: Friday, August 1, 2008
Renewing Hope, Seeking Justice

By Cardinal Roger M. Mahony

Editor's note: The following address by Cardinal Roger Mahony was delivered July 28 at the National Migration Conference in Washington, D.C.

I would like to speak with you this evening about the decision our nation is facing regarding...
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Mexico’s Other Border

Jessenia and Armando López crossed the Suchiate River from Guatemala into Mexico on a hired raft of wood planks lashed to giant inner tubes.

The raftsman pegged them immediately as undocumented migrants and charged them ten times the usual fare, even though Jessenia thought she had disguised herself as a local lady by wearing platform shoes and carrying...
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Candidates Avoid the Immigration Issue

In the opinion of experts, Democrats and Republicans alike are afraid of the political costs of having a fixed opinion on a hot-button issue.

Washington, D.C. — The immigration issue is not the leading priority for voters but is a constant in the presidential primaries. While the Republicans compete to see who is the toughest on undocumented immigrants...
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Mexico flood disaster sparks outrage

VILLAHERMOSA, Mexico - While many people in this rainy, low-lying, tropical city regard last week's catastrophic flood as an act of God or fate, others see it largely as a human-made disaster that could have been anticipated and should have been prevented.

Residents of the state of Tabasco, one of Mexico's poorest and isolated areas, have experienced...
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New Priests at St. Luke’s surprised to find ‘boiling point’ over immigration in Irving

IRVING. When priests of the Order of St. Charles Scalibrini arrived in September from San Jose, Calif., to lead St. Luke Parish, they never imagined they’d be cast into the national immigration debate.

Days into their new assignment, however, Brazilian-born Father Clair Orso and Father Jorge Bravo of Mexico found themselves appealing to the Irving...
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Mexican-Americans recall life in segregated Midland

Stephanie Miller
Midland Reporter-Telegram
Editor's Note: This feature is the second story of a series celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
As segregation was once a way of life for blacks in the south, Mexican-Americans also experienced the harshness inflicted by similar laws of the times.
Although separate but...
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California without a Mexican

Workplace enforcement without immigration reform will cripple the
economy -- and it will be Joe Public's fault.
By Tamar Jacoby
August 25, 2007

The 2004 film "A Day Without a Mexican" was a political satire: an
exaggerated fantasy about what would happen in California if all the
immigrant workers suddenly disappeared. But now it seems that...
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A Global Good Neighbor Ethic for International Relations

December 12, 2006
International Relations Center, December 2006

What in the world are we doing?

Seldom, if ever, has U.S. foreign policy been as confusing or as divisive as it is today. The occupation of Iraq, the deepening trade deficit, saber-rattling abroad, and disdain for international cooperation have left the American public uncertain...
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Some Texans Fear Border Fence Will Sever Routine of Daily Life

Published: June 20, 2007
From The New York Times

McALLEN, Tex., June 15 — Antonio N. Zavaleta, a vice president and professor of anthropology at the University of Texas branch in Brownsville, saw a slight problem in the route of a border fence that federal officials displayed at a community meeting earlier this month.

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